Linnatuli is the most innovative of Finnish fireplace makers. Due to the progressive design of Linnatuli fireplaces wood will burn in them especially purely and will give off heat for a long time in a steady fashion.

The long-running experience of the family business is reflected in the company’s uncompromising way of making fireplaces. Only the best and most stylish solutions as well as quality materials and the solid crafting skills of decades are being used in the manufacturing process.

In Linnatuli fireplaces the firewood burns cleanly and releases warmth for a long time. The pure Scandinavian design together with innovative planning enables fitting the fireplaces both in old and new buildings. Linnatuli heat storing fireplaces are manufactured with extensive experience, highest quality and respect for craftsmanship.

We only use most high-quality materials in manufacturing our fireplaces and individual parts are worked on carefully by hand. The individual fireplace components, like oven hatches, are sturdy and will withstand use. A Linnatuli fireplace is a lifelong and reliable friend.

Linnatuli fireplaces can be fitted with a steam oven, which will by heated by the fire burning in the fireplace. The steam oven is suitable for cooking and its low temperature is ideal for both baking and keeping food warm. The steam oven can be situated above the fireplace door or it can also be situated on the opposite side of the fireplace-bake oven.

The fire will create safety around itself when the burning process is pure. The fireplaces have been designed so that there is exactly the right amount of oxygen is available for burning, so that the wood will burn with a pure flame and thoroughly. An environmentally friendly fire in the fireplace provides a secure experience to admire the fire.